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Online Dating Profiles: The Do’s & The Don’t’s

The online dating world can be quite complex.

There are many dating sites to choose from and it can be quite the debate as to which one to sign up for.

Some people try 2 to 3 out to get a feel for which site they like best.

As someone who has ventured into the online dating world a few times in the course of several years, I must admit I’ve seen a lot of profiles out there that make me say to myself “what were they thinking?”

It is really hard to take someone seriously if they don’t post a photo of themselves, don’t fill out the basics of their profile or provide a description beyond typing “will fill this out later.”

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do with your online dating profile.

First, would you seriously like to find someone?

If you have taken the time to sign up for a dating website especially a paid one, it makes no sense why you wouldn’t want to put a little effort into the profile content.

Online Profile Photos:


dating profile photo

Post some great photos of yourself:

– a good head shot

– a decent body profile shot (no I don’t mean nude or sexual)

– photos of you participating in some of your interests and hobbies


dating profile photo (2)

Post photos that could give people the wrong impression of you:

– photos of you partying

– photos of you and your ex

– provocative photos of yourself

– photos of you and your children (there are too many crazy people out there why put  your kids in jeopardy?)

Online Profile Form Completions:


profile writer

– Fill out all of the basic information accurately.

– Be truthful about yourself; height, weight and age should be accurate and not misleading in any way.



– Leave simple questions blank.  “I’ll tell you later” just doesn’t cut it.

Do you want to find a good match?

If you don’t provide potential partners with insight as to who you are and what you are all about how can you expect to find your match?

You will only get back what you put in!

Online Dating Profile Extras:


dating profile photos

– Tell people a little a little bit about yourself.  Are you a single parent?  Are you new to the area?

– Describe your hobbies, interests and qualities you possess.  Are you loyal, funny, romantic and adventurous?  Include the traits that best describe you.  If you need help, ask a few close friends and family to describe you.

– Let your readers know what you are looking for in a partner.  Make sure you focus on what you want not on what you don’t.


dating profiles

– Talk about your ex and why it didn’t work.

– Talk about your pet peeves and all of the things you don’t want in your partner.

– Make perverse remarks or use foul language.

– Write the bare minimum just to qualify your profile.  People will see that you have done this and move on to the next profile.

An online profile is like the cover of your resume. It is the first impression people have of you.

Keep in mind that you never know who is on dating sites too.

Not only are you making an impression towards your potential partner but you are exposing yourself to other relationship forms as well; such as your employer or future employer, co-workers, friends and maybe even family.

The dating world can be hard but if you stay honest and true to who you are in your profile and take the time to really get to know someone before entering into a serious relationship.

You will find that special someone in no time.

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