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10 Great Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The celebration of Valentine’s Day has been a subject to controversy for many years.

A lot of people don’t want to buy into the commercialism however, unless you can honestly say you demonstrate your love for your partner on a regular basis perhaps showing a bit of effort one day a year isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Don’t know where to begin? Our Top 10 Great Valentine’s Date Ideas are sure to help you out:

  1. Skating and Hot Chocolate                         

Cost:  Under $20

Romance Factor: 5/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  You can hold hands while you skate along the indoor or outdoor rink. Try a master duet worthy of the Olympics and after, snuggle up on the sofa of a local coffee shop with a hot cocoa in hand complete with marshmallows and chocolate sauce.
(Win her over with this gourmet hot chocolate gift basket.)

Cons:  If you can’t skate this can make for a better Comedy and less of a Romance.

  1. Wine & Snow Shoe Tour

Cost:  Under $50

Romance Factor:  7/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  Nothing says romance like a snow shoe excursion along a beautiful wintery trail followed by some wine samplings and light appetizers after.

Cons:  If the weather isn’t cooperating this date could be a bust; snow squalls, high winds and temperature drops promise to be a mood kill for sure.

Where to Go:  I highly recommend Muskoka Lakes Winery. The Bog to Bottle Discovery Tour is under $20 per person.  Click here for more information.

  1. At Home Spa

Cost: Under $125

Romance Factor:  9/10

Valentines Date Ideas

Pros:  You and your love are away from the chaos of busy restaurants, crammed movie theatres, bowling alleys, and skating rinks.

This is the perfect time to bring out the candles, rose petals, massage oils, wine, chocolates, and a romantic movie to cuddle on the couch with. If you can cook, impress her with your culinary skills but if you can’t, don’t chance it, order in.

Cons:  There really isn’t a con to this, if anything it sets the mood for a long night or weekend of romance.

Home Spa Ingredient List: 2 White Luxury Towels, Spa Bath Set, Candles, Massage Oil, Chocolate, and Rose Petals

  1. Dinner & A Movie

Cost:  Under $150

Romance Factor:  5/10 to 7/10 depending on the restaurant

Valentines Date Ideas

Pros:  If you are really stuck and don’t want to take the chance of ruining a romantic night out, choose dinner and a movie. Guys, make sure you go with a nice restaurant and a chick flick, this occasion is for us ladies after all!

Cons:  If you’ve been dating for some time, this kind of Valentine’s Date could seem like any other date night to your partner.

  1. Chocolate Tour

Cost:  Under $150

Romance Factor:  8/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  Nothing says romance like a ROM tour followed by the samplings of 5 Chocolatiers in the heart of Toronto, Ontario as an example.

Cons:  If you or your partner are not a fan of chocolate, this date isn’t for you however, you can customize this date by doing a different kind of walking tour. If that still doesn’t appeal, dinner always couples nicely with this date idea.

  1. Scandanavian Spa

Cost:  Under $400

Romance Factor:  8/10

Valentines Date Ideas

Pros:  Who wouldn’t want to spend the day out at the spa?

Cons:  If you or your partner are shy about your bodies this isn’t the place for you. At times the spa can be quite busy and not as private as you might like.  For packages, reserve in advance.

  1. Take a Trip Through Time

Cost:  Under $200

Romance Factor:  8/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  Make her feel like a real princess by taking her to the infamous Casa Loma for the day.  Finish the day off with a Medieval Times dinner and tournament.

  1. Pottery Time

Cost:  $75-$250

Romance Factor:  7/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  You can decide whether you want to make something seperately or together or perhaps you want to do both? You could go all out with a private lesson for two or find a drop in studio and pick a quiet corner in the room.

Follow this date with a nice dinner in and snuggle on the couch while you watch…Ghost of course!

Cons:  If you are absolutely creatively inapt, this date may not be right for you.

  1. Niagara Weekend Escape

Cost:  $300-$400

Romance Factor:  10/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  Escape to one of the most romantic and fun places in Ontario. Catch a light show at the falls, brave a haunted house, play a game of mini putt, see breathtaking views from the ferris wheel, and enjoy the many restaurant selections. At the end of the day relax at one of the many hotels available.

Make sure your room is equipped with some wine, chocolate, and candles to set the tone for an unforgettable night or two.

Cons:  For those on a tight budget this isn’t the option for you. If you aren’t set on Valentine’s Weekend and can afford the weekend after, try visiting or They have many Niagara Falls packages to choose from that will save you $$$ without affecting the romance level of this date.

Where to Go:  Consult your local Groupon or Wagjag for their latest package offerings.

  1. Broadway Escape

Cost:  Under $500

Romance Factor:  10/10

valentines day date ideas

Pros:  Guys, you can really make it all about her by booking this kind of getaway. Pick your broadway, pick your hotel and make reservations at a nearby restaurant.

Cons:  Tight budgets will not work with this date idea.


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