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Texting & Relationships: The Do’s & Don’ts

When in a relationship, texting is often substituted for other forms of communication but the reality is, texting should be the least form of communication between a couple. More often than not, texting and cell phones in general cause issues in relationships. This article explains why…

How does technology impact relationships?

texting in relationships

It’s nice to wake up to a morning text and to check in on your partner throughout the day but when discussing things that involve emotions, texting should be avoided at all costs.

3 Things To Remember

  1. Texting can be misinterpreted and unnecessary disagreements can occur as a result.
  2. The best rule to follow when it comes to texting is to keep it to a minimum.
  3. If an important matter needs to be discussed you should both agree to save it for a face to face talk.

There is this hidden expectation when it comes to texting in a relationship. How many times have you found yourself hanging by the phone waiting for a text back from your partner?

How many times has your partner been upset with you for not texting them within a reasonable time frame? It’s important to discuss your expectations when it comes to texting but most importantly don’t sweat the small stuff!

Just because your partner hasn’t texted you in a few hours doesn’t mean they are out there cheating on you or that you have become less significant to them.

Try to put yourself in your partners shoes before jumping to conclusions. Ask yourself, have they had a busy day? Do they have a full time job and kids to tend to?

Making assumptions can be your worst enemy so try not to. Remember, our parents and grandparents never had the luxury of technology as we do now.

texting in relationships

It’s ok to use your cell phone to plan and set a date with your partner but once you’re on the date your cell phones should be used at a minimum if at all. Quite often couples are found texting on their phones rather than enjoying each other’s company and the date.

Technology has impacted our relationships whether we want to admit it or not. Used responsibly, it can be a benefit but overused it can drive a huge wedge between two people.

So the next time you go to pull out your cell phone during a dinner date, think twice… the impression you make on the person sitting across from you is that technology is more important than a quality relationship.

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