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What Not To Do On A First Date

First Date

I’ve been an on and off bachelorette for many years and during those times I’ve had a lot of first dates. As well, I have an abundance of single female friends who have shared their dating marvels with me too!

Hearing some of their stories and sharing some of my own may be funny to look back on but in the moment it can be disappointing to say the least.

Life is busy enough as it is and when we make time for a date there’s a certain level of respect that’s expected in order for there to be any chance of the first date becoming a second or perhaps third …

I’d hate to think that you guys take time out of your busy lives to deliberately set a date up to fail right?

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Get Through A First Date

1.Take the Initiative

first date dos and donts

Guys communication is the key.  If you truly want to find someone don’t be lazy about it.

It all comes down to three simple things; time, place, day.  That’s it! Pick a time, pick a place and pick a day and ask her out.

In doing so, you’ll have already put yourself miles ahead of any other candidates she might be entertaining.

2. Chivalry is NOT Dead

first date dos and donts

Don’t let chivalry be dead.

If you want to stand out and truly impress a girl don’t be afraid to treat her like a lady.

Show her she is worth investing in.  Don’t show up empty handed.

Always have some flowers, a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine or a book you think she might enjoy to present her with (here’s one we recommend).

Hold open the door for her when she gets to your car or when you’re entering a venue. It’s polite and chivalrous all at once.

Lastly and this is a biggie…pick up the check.

Do not under any circumstances let the lady pay for herself.

No matter what you read online about equality and letting the ladies pay forget it!

This mindset is the reason why romance has gone south and the traditional roles of courtship have gone right out the window.

3. Don’t Make it a History Lesson

first date dos and donts

At least for the first date guys … do not bring up your exes.

The date should be focused on getting to know her, ask her questions about herself and show her you’re interested.

Now having said that, don’t make it an interrogation either.  Keep the conversation light and fun.

4. Mind Your Manners

what not to do on a first date

If part of your date involves a meal follow some simple table etiquette:

  • don’t chew with your mouth open
  • take your hat off at the table
  • let the lady order first
  • be polite to the waiter/waitress even if the service is bad – the worst thing you can do is cause a scene and make things awkward

5. End The Date Well

what not to do on a first date

Whether there is a connection or not it is always good to leave things on the right note.

Thank the lady for her time, show her to her door or car and make sure she is safe and sound before you make your exit.  Don’t try to hit a home run with her.

Any physical contact should be minimal and at her discretion.  Use your instincts whether you go for a kiss goodbye or not and be respectful.  Women want to be treated with respect and made to feel special.

Well guys that’s a good start.  I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with a novel.  Keep these tips in mind and you can’t go wrong.

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