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Guys: Top 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Dating Life Now

improve your dating life now

Do you ever contemplate why you are still single or why your relationships just don’t seem to work out?

How about asking yourself this … what do I bring to the table in a relationship? What qualities do I possess that will attract the right lady for me?

The truth is, MONEY doesn’t buy you happiness!

A FANCY CAR won’t buy you happiness either!

Ladies like a man who can offer her the same things that she can. The theory behind this statement is quite simple; we are beyond the era of the traditional male/female roles in a relationship. improve your love life now

The role where the man went out and worked and the woman stayed home and cooked, cleaned, and took care of the kids. We are living in a time where, for the most part, BOTH men and women have to work.

Not only do women have to work outside of the home, they still have all of the responsibilities inside of the home too.

As a Single Guy, there are some really great things you could learn to not only better the quality of life for you, but set yourself up to be an equal contributor in your future relationship.

5 Ways To Improve Your Dating Life

improve your dating life

  1. Learn To Cook

    Guys if you don’t know how to cook now is the time!

    Buy a Cookbook or take a class …

    If you decide to go with the cookbook, keep these suggestions in mind:

    – The Cookbook should be fairly simple in that it offers all of the basic meat dishes, veggie dishes and desserts.

    – The book should emphasize quick, easy recipes and

    – Include ingredient lists with visual aids/prompts.  An example would be:  5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver.

  2. Do Your Own Housekeeping

    improve your love life

    Guys, nothing is more sexy than a man who can clean up after himself.Some simple tasks include; doing the dishes, making the bed, taking out the garbage, sweeping, mopping or (gasp) scrubbing the tubs and toilets?

    Remember, a relationship is a two way process; if she cooks a nice dinner for you, get up and do the dishes. If you are staying at her place, make sure you help out with the chores like making the bed.

    It’s attractive when a woman can enter her own bathroom and see that her man has put down the toilet seat after he’s used it.

    These little things go a long way and it’s all a part of being a responsible and respectful gentleman.

  3. Manage Your Money

    improve your dating life

    Guys, are you savvy with your money? Do you have investments? A monthly budget? Do you have room financially to date?

    If you plan to date, it can be quite the expense.

    Dinners, movies, trips to the museum, concerts, flowers, chocolate…it can all add up.

    An important and attractive step is taking control of your finances. Figure out your monthly expenses and compare it to your monthly income. Budget for future date ideas.

    If you know ahead of time what your budget is like, you can suggest to go on dates that you know you can afford. A common mistake a lot of you men make is that you SPOIL a lady in the beginning.

    You wine her, dine her and shower her with gifts … you present yourself in a certain way and so your partner comes to expect such treatment all of the time.

    When it doesn’t happen all of the time, she will think that something is wrong, you aren’t interested in her any more etc. If you try to present yourself as something you are not it will bite you in the ass later.

    Your partner will feel seriously misled as to your financial situation and you might even find yourself blaming her for the debt your courtship has put you in.

    So again guys MANAGE YOUR MONEY. Seek help if you can’t do it on your own. There are many financial planners that exist today including ones through your bank. (Here’s a great book you might want to try)

  4. Be A Good Listener

    improve your love life

    Great listening skills are important to acquire in your life as a whole – not just in your dating relationships.

    By strengthening your listening skills you are improving your relationships with your co-workers, boss, family, friends and of course when the time comes, the significant other in your life.

    What happens when you truly listen to someone?

    You can understand them better, you show you are attentive, and they feel supported and appreciated.

    When you listen, so many doors open for you because you are aware of them when they do. A great conversation with a balance of communication and listening can really go a long way.

  5. Allow Yourself To Love

    improve your love life

    As silly as it sounds, one of the most important things you can teach yourself when it comes to dating and finding a long term relationship is how to love.

    Love first for yourself and then extend your love to another.  When you love someone you respect them.

    What they think matters, what they say is heard. Their happiness is important to you.

    You are willing to make adjustments in your life to ensure they are a priority. When you are open and willing to love, that is when you are truly able to learn.

So there you have it, 5 things you can do for yourself to enhance your dating life.

Of course, the process of dating itself can be quite the challenge but if you work on these 5 things you just may find a more successful outcome in your next relationship.

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