5 Key Ingredients To Help Reverse The Aging Process

It’s been just over a year since I was awarded a clean bill of health from my specialist. I had learned a valuable lesson then that I want to share with you now … If your health suffers – all other aspects of your life will suffer too!

I was (and still am) a single mom. I had been a single mom for almost 9 years and I did it all:

  • running the kids to extra curricular activities
  • doing all of the cooking
  • packing lunches
  • helping with homework
  • cleaning the house
  • taking care of the pets
  • paying the bills
  • working a full time job
  • managing a part time business
    … you get the idea (in fact a lot of you can relate).

So just imagine what happens when your health takes a turn and you’re suddenly faced with the “c” word. A million and one things go through your head but the biggest one for me was – “I can’t afford to get sick”.

As specialists tried to find the “primary source” of my health issues, I decided that rather than sit and wait through the myriad of tests, I was going to be proactive.

I did my research, enlisted my personal trainer friend, visited local health food stores, and took control of my life.

By eating better, incorporating the right supplements for my issues, and getting the proper rest I managed to turn my health around … but it took a lot of discipline, positive mindset and hard work.

The results were nothing short of incredible. Slowly, over the course of 9 months, I was able to make the growths, tumors and stones that plagued my major organs disappear.

After I was in the clear, I decided I needed to go a step further and started researching the foods I could incorporate into my daily regime to help stop and even reverse the aging process to my body. I took a keen interest in Nutrition and enrolled in a course online and continue to take courses in health and nutrition so I can help others.

Being unwell for those 9 months was enough to convince me that I needed to build a better body so I could live the most fulfilled life possible for as long as possible.

Note: Always consult with a health practitioner first before undertaking any dietary changes.


get in shape for the summer

The health benefits of drinking water is lengthy. Drinking just 8 glasses of water a day, helps your body:

– maintain the proper PH balance

– regulate your body temperature

– reduce the risk of osteoporosis

– boosts metabolism

– helps prevent kidney stones

– helps prevent cardiovascular disease and more ..

Tip: Try to choose water that’s contained in a BPA free bottle. Also keep in mind that if the plastic is too thin, on a hot day, the chemicals from it can leech into your water. If glass is an option – take it! Also be careful of high levels of fluoride. I personally opt for a 0ppm bottle like Eska.

(Find more benefits to drinking water in this great article.)

Aloe Vera Juice

get in shape for the summerSo we all know about the benefits Aloe Vera can have on skin ailments and cuts. But there are many other uses for Aloe Vera as well. When in juice form, Aloe Vera can promote the following:

– a healthy balance to your body

– hydration

– proper liver function

– clear skin

– heartburn relief

– digestive benefits and more …

Tip: When shopping for aloe vera juice, try to stick to the liquid (NOT GEL)form and choose whole leaf. If you don’t like the taste or texture, mix 1 part aloe vera juice with 2 parts organic, not from concentrate lemonade or whatever else you like.

(Turn to this article to learn more about the health benefits of aloe vera.)


get in shape for the summerThis mineral is a hot topic right now with both good and bad reviews. All I can say is that I personally have been using silica daily and have seen a change in my hair, nails, and skin. My hair and nails are growing more rapidly and are more resilient to breakage and other environmental factors. Try silica for:

– hair, skin and nail health

– bone health

– heart health

– detoxification

– immune system boosting and more …

Tip: If you can’t stomach the chalky liquid form, try the vegetarian pill form instead.

(Want to learn more about Silica? Click here)


get in shape for the summerOur tummies are amazing! They are living organisms and they thrive when they’re treated right. When neglected, the good bacteria in our stomachs die and are not naturally replenished. The breakdown of the good bacteria makes us susceptible to illness. Probiotics can be purchased live from a health food store, online, or they can be found in some foods. The benefits of probiotics are pretty impressive:

– they balance the gut in your digestive system

– help improve some mental health conditions

– help with allergies

– help with eczema (and the list goes on … )

Tip: Go with the live probiotics whenever possible, they have the highest potency and there is a much lower risk of this good bacteria dying during processing and/or transportation from the manufacturer to the store.

(Here’s a great article about probiotics here.)

Omega 3’s

get in shape for the summerOmega 3’s are essential fatty acids that we shouldn’t live without. They are easily found in foods or supplement form. As long as you can incorporate Omega 3’s into your diet, your body will thank you for it here’s why:

– Omega 3’s can help fight depression and anxiety

– improve eye health

– improve brain function and health

– can help fight autoimmune disease

– can help fight alzheimer’s disease

– improve sleep

– help maintain healthy skin and much more …

Tip: If you choose to obtain your Omega 3’s through fish intake, keep in mind not all fish are equal. Pay attention to where your fish comes from and what type of fish you’re buying. If you’re not a fish eater, you can get your Omega 3’s from other food sources or supplements.

(Click here to learn about Omega 3’s and their benefits.)

Whether you incorporate all 5 of these ingredients to your health regime or just a few, every step you take towards better health will increase your longevity and overall physical and mental well being.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

About the Author

Tammy-ann Chapman


Tammy-ann Chapman is the Founder/CEO of 3 Dates 3 Months Inc. and Single Life Guide. She also owns and operates a Photography Studio in Ontario, Canada. Tammy-ann has completed Courses in Nutrition, and continues to work towards her Certification. She is the mother of 2 amazing children and 3 fur babies.

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