5 Ways To Save Money This Summer And Still Have Fun

Let’s face it! When it comes to being a “Responsible Single Lifer”, you’ve got bills to pay ..

But that doesn’t mean you should let your financial situation prevent you from creating balance in your life and having fun!

In order to change your present financial circumstance, you have to start with your mindset.

Taking time to connect with nature, your friends, your family, and ultimately yourself is one of the keys to feeling happy and fulfilled. Those feelings of happiness and fulfillment aren’t achieved by breaking the bank and adding to your financial stress …

Here are our top 5 recommendations that will still give you a fun filled summer and won’t break your bank.


things to do carnival

You can have the best of all worlds when you catch a local festival … from amazing music to great food to fun and games for the kids or the young at heart. Festivals seem to be the new “in thing” for singles and single parents alike.

If you google your area, you can find out which festivals are taking place and where. Search your local Groupon or Wagjag to see if you can find a discount on festival tickets.

The great thing about festivals is they often take place over a weekend – so you can choose what day works best. You can plan your day in advance, and budget for it, cutting the costs down substantially if the venue has a place for a picnic.

If you live in the Toronto and Surrounding areas, we highly recommend the brand new Flavours of our World Festival. You can visit their site for more information here.


inexpensive ways to have fun

Who doesn’t love the drive-in? It has something for everyone!

Typically if you have the kids in tow, you can show up early and let them burn their energy at the park. Pack some healthy snacks to counter the yummy popcorn and pop they will be consuming during your double feature.

The double feature is the best part after all. Most drive-ins target the first show to the young ones, and the second show to the older crowd. Look out for the “car load” specials and other promotions they might have going on like the Dusk to Dawn offerings.


national parks

To rent a camp site for the day costs … next to nothing and costs just a little bit more to stay the night.

Pack up the kids and some food and head out to the woods for the day. Bring along a pop up tent to provide shade and protect your food from animals and bugs.

Enjoy the sandy beach offerings, take a hike, have a bon-fire and either spend the night or if you’re close enough you can call it a day and go back to the comforts of home. Either way, spending the day enjoying the great outdoors is not only healthy – but cost effective too.


hit the beach

The beach is another great way to spend the day relaxing, soaking up the sun, and saving the cash in your wallet at the same time.

Bring a picnic lunch, some sand toys for the young ones, bathing suit, and some water rafts. The kids will love swimming and burning energy, making castles in the sand or playing at the park as most beaches offer at least one park to play in – if not more.


bike ride

Cycling is not only healthy for you, it’s a great transportation alternative especially on a hot summers day!

There are so many bike trails to choose from. Bring a lock with you and hop on a trail that leads through some tiny towns so you could stop in and have a quick break and a bite.

It’s even better when you can bring a friend with you or the kids. Don’t forget your camera!

Well there you have it … 5 Great Things To Do For The Summer that don’t cost a lot but create memories that are priceless.

Planning to go on a few dates this Spring/Summer? Here are some low budget date ideas you can try.

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