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Bringing out your inner beauty makes you more attractive


There is something particularly attractive at a person that embrace with confidence who they are. They shine brightly, they stand out from the crowd, and they look like they feel amazing all the time. They seem untouched by the opinion of others, current trends or temporary setbacks. That’s because their foundation is rooted in something that is unchangeable, their own character.

When you are yourself, you connect to your highest version and you ground yourself up with purpose. You know your standards, your goals in life, your capabilities, and that makes you stronger and more confident in your own strength. You no longer need the things around you to be good in order for you to feel good. You can be like a sheltering rock on a stormy weather. And people will admire all of these at you. People admire character because it’s something that we all wish to have. That inner beauty, a never-ending abundance of ability and character. There is nothing in this world like it, though there are many illusions of it.

Attractiveness means that people can see your beauty, and you can’t show it off until you see it first. And I am talking about the lasting beauty, the one that comes from inside. There is no physician like a cheerful thought and no better accessory than an honest smile. It is well known that true beauty comes from a kind heart and a peaceful mind. Beautiful feelings create beautiful aspect. You can shine with all that you have when you are your true self.

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If you try to adapt yourself to society’s standards just to be liked, you will feel miserable and lonely. Nobody should tell you how you must be or what you must do in life. Every person is different, and what makes me fulfilled can make someone else miserable, and vice-versa. There is no point in living in a free society if we don’t accept the freedom of being whom we are. Of course, we are not talking here about being rude and uncontrolled, as that is not a true reflection of a character, but of a lack of it. We are talking about embracing our own selves, with all our weaknesses and strengths, good and bad, perfections and flaws. Only when we are ourselves we can say that we are truly free. When we let ourselves prey to the opinion of others, we become shackled in invisible chains that never let us be happy. And without happiness, we cannot let what we have inside shine.

There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than the human spirit. It makes us shine brighter than the Sun and be more beautiful than a rose garden. We are made by God in His image, therefore we are made from perfection. And we can only live on that perfection when we embrace it and use it.

Do you know that you are so special, that in all the thousands of years of history there was no one like you and there never will be? Each one of us is so unique, that we are never replicated. Therefore why not embrace the beauty and uniqueness that you are and use it to shine beauty into this world? There are talents and abilities that only you possess, things that only you can do. Be yourself and let it all shine. The beauty that you have inside is unmatched. The strength that you possess is unshakable.

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