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Getting over having your heart broken


getting over a broken heart

Sometimes in life, we face moments when our heart gets smashed into a thousand pieces. My mentor, Jim Rohn, comparing life with the seasons, called the hard times “the winter times”. Emotional winter, financial winter, health winter, they are all coming to us at some point. Life comes with opportunities mixed with difficulties. Not believing so is naive.

Getting your heart broken is a great opportunity for you to rebuild it stronger and more beautiful than it was before. Being successful at life involves knowing how to take advantage of the springs of life, but also knowing how to deal with the winters. Preparing yourself with the knowledge of getting over tough times will make it easier for you when winter will eventually come. Let’s discuss 3 key steps to deal with a broken heart.

Find a lesson in it

Nothing can take the power out of the difficulty and give it in your hand like turning a painful experience into a valuable lesson. Pearls of wisdom can be found in any adversity if one is having the intention to find them. Healing and progress start at the moment we start to see the difficulty like an opportunity to become better. Instead of being victims of outside circumstances, we become the champions that use the circumstances for their personal gain.

The other important aspect of learning the lesson from a painful experience is that will prevent you from repeating it in the future. There are tragedies that come and are no one’s fault, but most of the disasters that strike us are the accumulation of neglect in a certain direction. If I have health issues out of the sudden, it’s probably the effect of poor health habits that damaged the body over the years. If my finances suffer, it’s the effect of neglecting the financial responsibilities that I have. If I get hurt by someone close to me, it’s because I should pay more attention to what kind of people I surround myself with, and so forth.

Take time to heal

After learning the lesson from the painful experience, we must allow our hearts the necessary time to heal. Some people are very impatient with themselves, thus exposing themselves to more troubles because they rush into making new decisions without having their heart healed first.

It’s essential to take the time and space necessary for you to acknowledge what happened and give yourself the environment for healing. Emotional wounds are more painful than physical ones, and just like those, if they are not treated right it gets much worse. Be as supportive, kind, loving and patient with you as you can. You deserve it!

Move towards what you want

The last step of healing, that will ensure you are going to have a bright future after it, is to create that future. Don’t let a temporary hurt affect your life overall by letting it make you quit. If you got hurt while trying to find your soul mate, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on trying again. Quite contrary, you should be more clear about what you want and what you don’t accept and keep looking for your lover. If you get stuck financially that doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams, it simply means that you need to press on harder and have the confidence that perseverance will make you win eventually.

If Oprah gave up after she was fired from TV, she wouldn’t become the biggest in television. Or if Michael Jordan gave up when he was cut out of his high school basketball team, he wouldn’t become the biggest in that sport. But this isn’t valid only on a professional level. Your emotional life, health life, financial life and any other aspects wouldn’t be the same without you overcoming the challenges that you did. Every adversity is making you stronger and better, and your life becomes better because you become better.

Just understand that is OK to be hurt, and you are not alone in this. The winter will pass, and you will enjoy an abundance of opportunities once again. The best thing you can do is to see the good in the bad and the best in the good. With this attitude and these key 3 steps, you shall overcome any heartbreaking experience and create a life that will make you happy.

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