Improving your life by time managing

Our days are just our life in miniature, and what we do every day creates the life that we will enjoy or not. It’s easy to get distracted by being busy, while we let important things slip out of our hands. When we talk about self-improvement and making our life better, nothing plays a more important role than time management.

Time management is less about trying to do everything as fast as possible and more about doing only the things that matter. It is a very fake and hurtful conception that being productive means to have even more things to do. That is quite the opposite of being productive. When we have too many things to do, we will rush everything and we will only give a small percentage of our capabilities. Being productive means focusing our entire attention and time on the few things that really matter the most.

In personal development literature circulate a law called the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of everything we do determines 80% of the results we have. It means that from 10 things you have to do today, 2 of them have the most effect. This law can be used in improving our productivity in business, personal life and so forth.

Let’s say that for example, you have a new business that needs a marketing plan to get more exposure and generate more sales. And you have all these ideas that go in many directions, including social media, paying for ads, participating in communities etc. All you have to do is to make a list with all these marketing strategies and start giving them notes based on the impact they provide. Write A to the most important strategy, B to the second one and so forth. If you have problems identifying which one is the most important, address to yourself this question: “if I would leave tomorrow for a month, which one activity that I can do today I will choose because it has the greatest impact?” After you chose your most important activities, start focusing only on A and B, and delegate or remove the others tasks completely. Your productivity will sky-rocket as you never thought possible.

This strategy is very simple, and that makes it so effective. Focusing your total attention and energy on activities that are the real needle-mover will make you a productive machine that will bring results so fast, you will even amaze yourself. It is like you have this limited amount of water at your disposal, and you choose how many plants to water with it. If you try to water too many, all will die. But if you focus on only the most important ones, they will grow abundantly. Your time and energy are limited resources. Don’t waste them!

Time managing will give you the freedom to enjoy life with those that you love, will give you more clarity, more energy and an overall sense of fulfillment. All of these while also helping you achieve more and faster than you could ever do it. For me, time management was something that completely changed my life and I wished I learned it earlier. We have so many distractions these days, that we consider in our blindness that we are productive by spreading our attention in many directions.

Yet our brain is the product of millions of years of evolution, and it’s designed to operate on one task at a time. There are studies that proved that our mind needs more than 20 minutes to refocus on something after we were interrupted. Therefore, the best way to achieve things faster is to focus on only one task a time and take them in the order of importance. In this way, you will be more productive, happier and have more free time to enjoy the things you love.


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