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The beauty of self-improvement

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What does one think about the purpose of self-improvement? Is it just a way to achieve more? Or to feel better? I believe it’s much more than that. I believe it’s the self-realization of our own potential and the offering to the world of what we have best.

When we focus on improving ourselves, we improve everything around us. The way we communicate with others, the way we express our love, the way we work and even the way we shake hand. Our relationships get better, our opportunities multiply and our life simply blossoms. When we improve ourselves we improve everything. If we don’t change, nothing changes around us. Life has its way to go up and down accordingly to match a person’s level. If someone wins a million dollars, they better become a millionaire fast, so they can keep the money. Otherwise, they will be long gone.

Until I found out about the potential of personal development, I was enchained by the mentality of the victim. If something was not good around me, I was quick to blame everything and everyone but myself. That was no good, and so that the other one, but in my limited view I did nothing wrong. And therefore I remained bound to my own weakness. By not being able to see what I needed to fix in myself, I stayed the same, repeating mistakes and producing the same results that made me unhappy. But when I discovered that if I change myself, everything else changes, it revolutionized my life. Sure, you must kill your ego in the process and accept the fact that you are not the best version that you can be. Yet after you do it, you are free and powerful. Free to do the changes that will bring the results you want and powerful in your own potential that awaits to be unleashed.

self improvement

Self-improvement is a beautiful art that should be taught in school. I wished that I could found out earlier about it. It’s such a powerful ingredient to a beautiful life, that it almost seems impossible. But what sees it impossible is our limited fearful vision. Our potential is unlimited, and as humans, we must work diligently to bring forth our own capacity. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to resist the self-improvement attitude. Why the struggle? Why the work? Why the pressure? The answer is simple: why not?

Why not live to our full potential and see all the things that we can accomplish in life? Why not love from the bottom of our hearts, and expand our souls with each step and love even more? Why not visit all the places we can visit, read all the books we can read, do all the things we can do? Life is beautiful when it’s lived to the highest potential. I can’t imagine a more important step that a person can make other than that to improve themselves every day.

self improvement

I’ve never been happier, healthier, stronger, more loving and caring than how I became after I decided that I will be the best version of me that I can. It’s powerful, inspiring and life-changing. Self-development changed my life and changes the lives of countless people around the world. There is no wonder that we see this particular interest in every great person that did great things and changed the world, from Mother Teresa to Abraham Lincoln. Therefore, why not give yourself the opportunity to live to your highest potential that you are capable of living? Self-improvement is this opportunity.

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