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Why are goals important?

setting goals

Imagine that you are walking in nature, in a deep wide forest. And you can only take one survival item with you. Which one is going to be? If you are like me, you are probably thinking about a compass. If I have a compass with me, I can know for certain that I walk in a straight line, and I will be out of that forest easily. But without a compass to aid my steps, I can wander for days or months, and it’s a possibility that I even don’t get out of there.

setting goals

Walking in life it’s exactly like walking in a forest. We can go in all directions possible, there are distractions all over around us, and without a clear direction, we can wander in circles forever. Goals are the compass we use in life to guide us. With the help of having clear goals, we can focus our steps in the direction of achieving them.

Sadly, many people live their lives without having purposefully defined goals. You notice that I didn’t say they don’t have goals at all. The reason for that is the fact that our brain operates on goals. You cannot do your daily activities without having that goal set in your mind. You see, our brains are exactly like a computer. They can run any software you choose. The problem is not that people don’t have goals at all, the problem is that they have small unconsciously set ones.

For example, the goal of one person might be to survive this week at that workplace they hate so they can pay those bills. Not a very exciting goal to have. Or for some people might be to watch the latest episodes of some TV shows. Or to wear the latest trendy items so they can post some pictures on Instagram and see how many likes they’ve got. There is always a goal in your mind, simply because your mind cannot operate without one.

That’s why it’s extremely important to become aware of your goals, and set them the way you want to live your life. Since you already have this goal-achieving machine between your shoulders, why not use it to get everything you ever wanted? Because you do achieve your goals, regardless of how positive or negative they are. I am sure that you can withdraw moments from your life when you said with conviction that something will happen in a certain way, and that’s exactly how it did and you was spooked for a second. Or when you were determined to achieve something with so much passion and dedication, that you managed to do it even with huge amount of obstacles. That was the power of your goals on display.

But the thing with the goals that is most powerful, is their subtle influence on everything you do. They guide your steps and attention unconsciously, giving you hints and “instincts” that move you towards that direction. What is subtle and continuously is much more powerful than something obvious that is sporadic.

setting goals

As a conclusion, setting goals is important because you already have them, even if you set them or not. But why having unconsciously set goals made by your fears or your surroundings, when you can have beautiful goals that will guide you towards a life of fulfillment and happiness. Use the power of programming your mind to achieve everything you ever wanted. The goals you have are the compass that guides your steps in life.

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